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Over the past ten years, our partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) has helped WHO bring life-saving messages to diverse audiences around the world. Campaign after campaign, from visual identities to strategic communications, multimedia to editorial, we’ve supported WHO’s global outreach and built our unique expertise in global health communications and advocacy.
Campaign after campaign, from visual identities to strategic communications, multimedia to editorial, we’ve supported WHO’s global outreach and built our unique expertise in global health communications and advocacy.
A few examples. In 2018, when WHO needed to clearly illustrate why donors should invest in the organization’s five-year plan, they asked Blossom to structure, draft, and design their investment case. DISCOVER MORE
When WHO named the 2020s the “Decade of Healthy Ageing,” they called on Blossom to design the campaign logo and visual concept and provide a two-year communications strategy. DISCOVER MORE
When WHO had to test out messaging for their “One Health” campaign, they hired Blossom to build and run the survey.
When WHO needed a strategic campaign to generate and share ideas on improving environmental practices and enhancing health in the European Region, they turned to Blossom.
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What’s the end

Research &

Understanding what
we are dealing with
and the target


Balancing time
and resources with

Creative concept

Expressing ideas in a way that grabs attention engages people.


Making it all look good and work seamlessly across channels.


Ensuring traditional media, social media, influencers, champions and events work together to amplify the message


Course-correct based
on performance data.

Close-out phase

Measure results and learn what worked, and what didn’t.

global health
global health
WHO knows they don’t have to educate us on the issues. That’s one of the reasons they have partnered with Blossom time and time again. Our people bring 10-20 years of experience in international development advocacy and global health to the table. From the AIDS movement of the 1990s and 2000s to working at WHO, the Global Fund, GAVI, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and elsewhere before joining Blossom, our team has designed communication outreach and driven progress in health on a global scale.

In addition to strategic communications, Blossom has developed brand identities, logos, campaign materials, videos, motion-design products and websites for various WHO departments. We have also designed more than 500 publications for WHO over the past decade (and we actually read and learn from them, too!).
Ten years dedicated to making a difference in people’s health, one project at a time. An ongoing partnership with the World Health Organization that continues to evolve. Now that’s something to feel good about.

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Health is priceless

In 2018, WHO launched its Financing Campaign, calling for an increase in the overall financing envelope for health. In order to attract a wider donor base and additional funding, it needed a communication campaign able to hit the target. Blossom was asked to support WHO in the development and execution of the campaign.

WHO acts as a multiplier in health funding: investments in health and well-being generate economic and social returns throughout the globe. The activities carried out in WHO’s headquarters impact remote villages across the world; vice versa, what happens in the field, from making vaccines accessible to supporting healthy nutrition, generates broader effects on the community and on the region, reaching gradually larger scales. We translated this work into an investment case for WHO.

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The “ripple effect” was the creative concept from which we started developing the graphic design and layout of the campaign assets.

The main infographic of the Case for Investment features the ambitious “Triple Billion Target”: the 3 main objectives pursued by WHO, which lead to actions that – like objects dropped into the water – successively expand like ripples.

who health

Within the framework of this collaboration, Blossom developed the Investment Case in English, French and German as well as event materials and a presentation for the launch event.

who decade

A fresh, bold brand identity to change the way we regard older people.

On the initiative of WHO, the Decade of Healthy Ageing (2021 - 2030) will lead the development and implementation of concrete actions to improve the lives of older people, their families, and the communities in which they live. One of the aims of the Decade is to change the way society regards and treats older people.

Blossom was tasked with developing a brand identity that can communicate the topic of ageing in a new and non-stereotypical way.

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Older people, generally considered to be on the fringes of society, are often viewed as passive subjects, unable to contribute to societal growth and development. Blossom wanted to diametrically oppose this view with every element of the brand identity.

The logo is inspired by the concentric circles of trees. The innermost ring, around which the others stem and develop, represents elderly people and the central role they can still have as society progresses. The rings that make up the logo symbol are also used across other applications of the visual identity, interacting with photographs that portray older people in an unconventional way. The colour palette, centered around bright colours, communicates energy and strength, crushing the cliché of a weak or fragile older person.