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When your goal is to transform education systems in developing countries, your appearence must match your ambition. GPE (Global Partnership for Education) is an international organisation of the World Bank, the only partnership and fund in the world entirely dedicated to ensuring that every child has a quality education. In 2019, GPE decided to shift from its business-as-usual approach to a more ambitious strategy: to become a leader in fighting the education crisis by transforming education systems in developing countries. GPE asked Blossom to create a new brand strategy and visual identity to reflect this change.

Blossom guided GPE as the organisation reevaluated its mission, vision and values and embarked on the brand transformation process.

A new

  • From data analysis ...
    We dove headfirst into the competitive landscape, conducting in-depth research to set the benchmark scenario and analyse the brand positioning.
  • ... to the human perception of the brand
    Through a series of workshops and interviews, we collected opinions about the brand from stakeholders both inside and outside the organisation.
  • Defining the brand platform:

    a strategy towards the future

    Based on the results of our audit and extensive research, Blossom developed a brand platform that reflected stakeholders' opinions and desires, distinguishing GPE from its competitors and positioning it as a leader in the fight to end the education crisis.
  • 30+
    Stakeholder interviews
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  • 2
    and Comms
  • 2
    Core and
    visual identity
  • 1
    Vision and mission Board presentation
A new visual identity
We created a clean, strong and distinctive visual language that aligned with the new brand platform and
positioning, differentiating GPE from other organisations in education
and ensuring it stood out as a leader.
The name Global Partnership for Education became the acronym GPE. To complete the transformation, the tagline "Transforming Education" was added to embody GPE's approach, ambition and values.
From shyness to leadership: THE NEW GPE

After working with Blossom, GPE redefined its role, going from an organisation without a clear identity or tone of voice to an undisputed leader in fighting the education crisis. The bold and unique visual identity reflects this new positioning and conveys GPE's ambition to accelerate the transformation of global education systems.

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