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The Campari name is a guarantee.

But for the brand's bartender academy, a guarantee is simply not enough. Campari Academy wants to become the ultimate point of reference for bartender training in the beverage industry. For this to happen, the perfect mix of creative and strategic ingredients is needed. And Blossom is ready to craft it.

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Taste, try, experiment

Raw materials are everything when it comes to food & beverage. To position the brand, we started by studying its core components.

Data & evidence analysis

For Campari Academy to be perceived as the best academy in the industry, we needed to get to know our competition. After identifying and researching key players, we focused on bringing a brand to life that could position itself even higher.

Human insight

In addition to Campari's heritage and history, we set out to discover the specific needs of the target audience. Together with Academy teachers, we unveiled bartenders' dreams and aspirations.

the perfect serve

Blossom has created a concept: Campari Academy becomes a talent lab where experience is handed down and techniques are reinvented; where creativity is limitless and passion is transformed into perfection and excellence.

A clear and powerful concept is infused into the new tagline "Masters of Excellence", with a billboard and design that are clean, elegant and trendsetting, full of original illustrations and supported by video productions and photo shoots - all created by Blossom.

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There is no recipe for Campari Academy's digital communication. Like bartenders, we choose different ingredients, then we measure and mix them in search of the perfect balance.
    There is no recipe for Campari Academy's digital communication . Like bartenders, we choose different ingredients, then we measure and mix them in search of the perfect balance.<

Our collaboration with the Academy starts with the Campari Group rebranding and evolves with the advent of the pandemic.

Along with a solid brand positioning, Blossom designs a flexible digital communication strategy for Campari Academy, capable of addressing the delicate needs of the moment and adapting to different phases over time.


The result is more than 90 percent growth in the follower base on social media between 2020 and 2021 as well as enthusiastic participation - both on and offline - in the 2021 Campari Bartender Competition, which went well beyond expectations. The success of both initiatives was achieved thanks to a communication strategy that understood and supported the bartending community in a time of great difficulty.

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