Mar 10 - 2023
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Our workshop about branding for FxE

A meeting for SME entrepreneurs, to explore our approach to branding. Between provocations and new questions.

In an economic landscape of increasing prices and uncertainty, entrepreneurs and managers must work on their own brand. They must dwell on the values featuring their own company in order to stand out from the competition and be chosen in a competitive market.

For this reason, during the first forum of Fabbrica per l’Eccellenza 2023, our Strategy Team was invited to take a workshop on the theme of branding. Blossom involved some SME entrepreneurs in an interactive session on how to know the company, to get organised and to build a strong and distinctive brand.

After Professor Federico Frattini (PoliMi-school of Management) took the floor, speaking about brand and purpose, we brought this topic on a practical level, between questions, provocations and working groups.

A workshop to give a jolt to the conventional way of doing business. A meeting to be ready to question and take action.

Innovation / News
Mar 29 - 2024
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Blossom on Radio24‘s Microphones

Our Chief AI Officer, Mauro Arena, talks about innovation on Anna Marino’s podcast ‘The Jobs of Tomorrow’

In the ever-expanding universe of artificial intelligence, standing out means more than riding the wave of the latest trends. It means actively shaping trends into a system that continuously evolves, ready to be shared with our brand partners. With this mindset, our Chief AI Officer, Mauro Arena, had the privilege of being featured on the Radio24 podcast “The Jobs of Tomorrow,” hosted by journalist Anna Marino.

The main topic of conversation centers on Mauro’s professional journey at Blossom, where he evolved from Digital Art Director to Creative Digital Strategist, eventually becoming the Creative Innovation Officer and, now, Chief AI Officer. This trajectory underscores the importance Blossom places on innovation, demonstrating how our agency goes beyond merely navigating the currents of change to act as a catalyst for transformation.

Dive into the complete interview on Radio24 and discover how Blossom positions itself at the forefront of innovation.

Innovation / Talks
Dec 6 - 2023
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Exploring AI with Mafe De Baggis

Artificial Intelligence lands on Blossom’s couch. Watch our conversation with Mafe De Baggis as we delve into her book, ‘In principio era ChatGPT’.

What cultural shifts lie ahead with the rise of AI?

According to Mafe De Baggis, “A richer universe, perhaps less intricate, more straightforward.”

Mafe, who describes herself as a digital media strategist, is a writer, advertiser, communicator, and also an great yoga enthusiast, who has been studying for thirty years the best way to navigate digital media without being overwhelmed by them.

Perhaps this is what led ger, alongside journalist Alberto Puliafito, to co-author “In principio era ChatGPT” (published by Apogeo). The book aims to guide us in learning to work less and smarter by embracing AI as allies in our lives.

To mark the book’s release, we welcomed Mafe to Blossom. In front of a bustling Social Hub, Mafe shared insights on choices, generative intelligence, remix culture, copyright, media, risks, and courage, enriching the Blossom’s ongoing educational journey on AI, which our teams have been exploring for months through AI Communities of Practice.

Our latest episode of Chat on the Couch features Mafe. And it’s all there to discover! Watch the video to discover more.

Lifestyle / News
Nov 9 - 2023
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Our creativity for Giorgio Visconti‘s new collection

Giorgio Visconti, a historic Italian fine jeweler, chose Blossom for the launch video and photo shoot of its latest collection: Like°Me.


Light. For Giorgio Visconti, it’s more than a feature of its creations crafted from gold and precious stones. It’s also the main value around which the whole brand revolves. So much so, that every new collection is inspired, in some way, by light and its infinite shades. Like°Me, which plays with the dichotomy of light and shadows, is no exception.

Giorgio Visconti asked Blossom for a video and photographic shots that would tell the story of these jewels and, above all, the woman for whom they are intended.


Our first objective was to try and understand who a Like°Me woman is, the woman who would feel represented by the collection. We imagined her as a mature woman at the height of her beauty. She has forged her own path in life, walking through dark and light moments. She is grateful for every experience, negative and positive, because they have made her who she is today: a fully realized woman, who radiates her own light and accepts herself for who she is. A woman who, when she looks in the mirror, is proud of what she sees, of her uniqueness, of herself.


Starting from this concept, we conceived and shot a video with a refined and elegant aesthetic, just like the Like°Me jewels. The protagonist passes through walls made of various materials, which represent the different moments of her life. At the end of her metaphorical journey, she arrives in front of a mirror. She looks at her reflection with pride and dignity. In a voiceover crafted like an internal monologue, she reflects on the moments of darkness and light that brought her there, exactly where she needed to be.

Watch the main video


Using the same thematic settings for the photographic shots of the collection, we gave life to a unique and coherent story. A story in which the beauty of the protagonist, along with the beauty of Giorgio Visconti’s jewels, are highlighted in all their splendor.

Global Issues / News
Oct 17 - 2023
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Climate-displaced children: illuminating the facts for UNICEF

Our editorial design unveils the reality of statistically invisible lives for UNICEF’s latest report.

When it comes to climate change, there is a segment of the population that has remained statistically invisible: children displaced by extreme weather events. For UNICEF’s latest report, our Editorial Team crafted a visually engaging design approach to bring this data to light, helping UNICEF gain the attention of the international community. Somewhere between an atlas and a report, our graphic design combines enhanced data clarity with maps and graphics, providing in-depth data analysis and insights.

We take pride in our contribution to disclosing these children’s compelling stories and in providing a roadmap for governments, the UN, communities, and organizations committed to helping those who have long been overshadowed and in need of assistance.

At its launch, “Children Displaced in a Changing Climate: Preparing for a Future Already Underway” garnered significant media attention (The Guardian, Time Magazine, CNN, BBC, AP, Reuters, France24, UN News, Forbes, Euronews, Vatican News).

Another great opportunity to help create a positive impact.

Automotive / News
Sep 18 - 2023
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Our journey continues with Ducati

Once again, Ducati has entrusted Blossom to launch the new Monster, a special edition to celebrate the first thirty years of the naked bike. The result? An epochal video. Literally.

To show the evolution of a motorcycle that’s made history – the Monster, the world’s most legendary naked bike – Ducati wanted longtime travel companions by their side. Our collaboration continues with the concept and main video celebrating the Monster’s 30° Anniversary limited special edition.

A point of reference for over three decades, the Ducati Monster has outlasted trends and outridden eras, setting the pace of urban riding generation after generation. A voiceover drives home our message that only true icons stand the test of time.

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