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Mar 28 - 2024
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Keep up with AI. Top Voices to Follow

Dive into the pulse of AI innovation with the top voices reshaping our future. Discover, learn, and… Stay ahead!

In the fast-paced realm of artificial intelligence, staying abreast of the latest developments isn’t just important—it’s a non-negotiable element of professional growth. But with a multitude of voices and sources out there, finding the best is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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Reading and listening: here’s our list

To answer that need, we seek out voices from various industries, cultures, and disciplines. We believe it’s crucial to diversify perspectives in order to discover fresh knowledge.

So here’s a curated list of public figures and podcasts to follow if you’re eager—like us—to explore the latest in AI innovation.

Global Visionaries Influencing the Future

Geoff Hinton: The Godfather of Deep Learning

Why follow him? Hinton’s groundbreaking work on neural networks and AI paved the way for contemporary machine learning. Ex-fellow at Google, Hinton remains at the helm of AI’s future.

Where to follow him? YouTube, X/Twitter feed, and Google Scholar publications.


Andrej Karpathy: At the Crossroads of AI and Society

Why follow him? Previously Director of AI Tesla, and part of the founding team at OpenAI, Karpathy’s role at the forefront of AI’s integration into the fabric of society offers a unique look into the technology’s expansion and challenges.
Where to follow him? His X/Twitter account, his website and YouTube Channel.


Fei-Fei Li: Championing Ethical AI

Why follow her? Li’s leadership at Stanford’s Institute for Human-Centered AI ensures a strong emphasis on ethical AI use, an increasingly critical area in the technology’s development.
Where to follow her? Check out her insights on ethical AI by watching her video interviews on YouTube, or connect with her intellectual rigor through her Stanford Profile.

Podcasts and podcasters worth exploring

AI Chats by Jaeden Schafer

Why listen to it? This podcast dives into the world of ChatGPT and cutting-edge AI news, delving into its impact on our daily lives through in-depth discussions and interviews with leading experts in the field. Jaeden Schafer, globally recognized as one of the top AI podcasters, combines academic rigor with practical expertise to lead the conversation in each episode.

Practical AI: The capacity for good

Why listen to it? Because it’s a podcast that explores the positive side of artificial intelligence. The series hones in on the intersection of AI automation, customer support, and customer experience, and features real-life stories of how AI has improved people’s lives.

The AI Breakdown by Nathaniel Whittermore

Why listen to it? This podcast is a daily news analysis show on all things artificial intelligence: from the explosion of creativity brought on by new tools like Midjourney, ChatGPT, and AutoGPT to the potential disruptions to work and industries. Whittermore is an independent strategy and communications consultant, and a seasoned podcaster.

Last Week in AI

Why listen to it? Because it’s a weekly appointment that summarizes and discusses the most interesting developments in AI, deep learning, robotics, and more!

Hard Fork by The New York Times

Why listen to it? “Hard Fork” is a show about the future that’s already here. Each week, journalists Kevin Roose and Casey Newton explore and make sense of the latest in the rapidly changing world of tech.

Navigating the AI WORLD

The world of AI is bursting with innovations and discussions. In this constantly evolving realm, the savviest voices can help us enrich our knowledge, guide our choices, and spark our growth. Whether you’re an executive, entrepreneur, or student, it doesn’t matter; right now, we’re all called upon to engage with something new, something unfamiliar. So stay curious, keep informed, and, above all, never stop seeking!

Jun 11 - 2024
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With Prometeon into a new era: the launch video of Serie 02

An impactful video to present the first range of fully branded Prometeon tires.

The launch of Serie 02 was a key moment. It is the first-ever Prometeon-branded industrial tire range; designed, produced, and tested to meet performance and durability needs in every usage context.

For this occasion, we created a launch video with the tagline Unlock a New Era, announcing the arrival of this significant innovation that projects every journey into the future of transportation. In a post-industrial space, a man enters and opens a container revealing the first Prometeon-branded tire. 3D animations highlight its components and technology.

The video was presented in Egypt during the event celebrating Prometeon’s thirtieth anniversary of the Alexandria factory, attended by representatives from global branches and major suppliers.

We are proud to enter this new era alongside Prometeon. Let’s keep rolling together.

Watch the video.

Education & Research
Jun 5 - 2024
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Mindset shift. Why change is powerful.

How do we face times of great transformation? At Blossom, we started with knowledge.

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It is said that to invent the light bulb, Thomas Alva Edison conducted thousands of experiments, using hundreds of plant fibers, and testing solutions for over 18 months. For this reason, Edison has been attributed with quotes like:

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

True or not, this quote holds great appeal in these times of technological transformation. Edison was able to innovate because he could adopt a new mental approach each time.

But, how easy is it to change our mindset when faced with new developments today?

If you don’t change your mind, you change nothing

A survey we recently conducted at Blossom revealed an extremely interesting fact: after a year of continuous training on the use of generative AI, 42% of participants reported changing their minds on this topic.

While it is true that the majority remained in their positions, a significant portion of the course participants admitted to shifting from a more skeptical approach to a more enthusiastic one.

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A Form Of Intelligence

The fact that the mindset change occurred in a positive or negative direction is not as relevant. What is interesting is that training, and therefore knowledge, has been the main factor of transformation.

It demonstrates that knowledge allows us to overcome prejudices; that “knowing” remains the first step to forming an opinion, even in these frenetic times; and that understanding helps us see the limits and potential of a change, even when it is still ongoing.

More Sharing, More Awareness

Along with knowledge, interaction has certainly played a fundamental role in the ability to view new developments with a fresh perspective.

The training within Blossom was conducted largely in the form of Communities of Practice, or “safe spaces” where people can learn together, putting into practice or deepening the theoretical notions acquired in exchange for constructive feedback, either among peers or with professionals.

In the survey, submitted to all participants of Blossom’s Communities of Practice, comments and considerations on the limits, risks, and opportunities of AI emerged, demonstrating an increasing awareness and an ability to keep up with the evolutions of AI itself.

“It’s always necessary to check the results, because mistakes are always possible.”

“AI has made routine operations faster and simpler.”

“I’ve sped up lengthy processes, even when it comes to creative processes (like brainstorming).”

“Sometimes I’m tempted to take the results at face value without applying critical thinking.”


Change, including a mindset shift within organizations, is a difficult but possible transformation. Of course, it needs to be accompanied and guided.

And if it’s true that the “light bulb” of AI is still quite imperfect, at Blossom we have learned that to get closer and closer to true innovation, we must never stop testing and trying. In other words… to be restless!

Automotive / News
Jun 3 - 2024
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Legends ride on: new launch video for Ducati

Our historic collaboration with Ducati continues, with the video launch of Monster Senna.

The legacy of a great champion and the timeless appeal of the Monster. For the launch of the new Ducati Monster Senna, we designed and produced a video full of energy and racing spirit, a tribute to the indomitable, legendary spirit of Ayrton Senna and the most iconic naked bike.

Not the usual nostalgic and solemn tribute, but an intense celebration, in an exhilarating and sensory atmosphere, aimed at restoring sensations of speed, intensity and triumph. In the video, a dynamic sequence of historical photographs and vivid sounds, with a script that enhances the character and extraordinary performance of the two icons, and a high-impact and meaningful color treatment. In fact, we chose an all-black set-up to impart a sense of elegance, ideal for a limited edition motorcycle, and to enhance its beauty details. In addition, we included yellow gradients, inspired by the color of the Brazilian racer’s iconic helmet.

A powerful and distinctive concept and visual identity, with a tagline – ‘Legends ride on‘ – inextricably linking the great rider and his passion for the Monster.

Utilities / News
May 16 - 2024
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How to make a convention engaging: our concept-event for Illumia

From Giacomo Poretti to Nicola Laurora: a plenary with special guests and immersive experiences inspired by new brand values.

This 2024 was a special edition of Give&Go – Illumia’s annual meeting dedicated to reflecting on corporate milestones and launching new goals. A time to celebrate the one million customers achieved, reveal the new brand values (the first piece of the ongoing rebranding), and inspire collaborators and employees to face the future with a positive attitude. For this, we worked in synergy with Illumia to create an event that could make everyone feel part of this change.
Speed, courage, beauty, trust, knowledge, gratuitousness: we presented Illumia’s six new values as six drivers for change; six useful tools for every employee to face future challenges with the right mindset.

Based on these, we designed and built several experiences that combined history, sports, and street art, with some special guests: Francesco Seveso (boxing coach and sports psychologist of a very young Charles Leclerc), medievalist historian Federico Canaccini, illustrator Nicola “Nico189” Laurora (who painted a mural, directly involving employees in its creation), and actor Giacomo Poretti, who closed the convention with his own monologue and interview.

In addition to the concept-event, we also produced all communication materials: audio content, video, graphics and gadgets.

We have been Illumia’s communication consultants for nine years: we are proud to also accompany the company in its ongoing evolution, and to have contributed to making this significant plenary a memorable, engaging and innovative experience.

Innovation / News
Mar 29 - 2024
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Blossom on Radio24‘s Microphones

Our Chief AI Officer, Mauro Arena, talks about innovation on Anna Marino’s podcast ‘The Jobs of Tomorrow’

In the ever-expanding universe of artificial intelligence, standing out means more than riding the wave of the latest trends. It means actively shaping trends into a system that continuously evolves, ready to be shared with our brand partners. With this mindset, our Chief AI Officer, Mauro Arena, had the privilege of being featured on the Radio24 podcast “The Jobs of Tomorrow,” hosted by journalist Anna Marino.

The main topic of conversation centers on Mauro’s professional journey at Blossom, where he evolved from Digital Art Director to Creative Digital Strategist, eventually becoming the Creative Innovation Officer and, now, Chief AI Officer. This trajectory underscores the importance Blossom places on innovation, demonstrating how our agency goes beyond merely navigating the currents of change to act as a catalyst for transformation.

Dive into the complete interview on Radio24 and discover how Blossom positions itself at the forefront of innovation.

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