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One world. One humanity. And the way we see it, one future: ours. That’s why we ally ourselves with global organizations set on making a difference. Together, we fight for causes worth believing in and build campaigns rooted in solidarity. Whether it’s ending HIV, mitigating climate change, combatting desertification, or advancing gender equality, we harness our talent, passion and skills to our clients’ visions of a better world.

Our projects have spanned all
17 Sustainable Development Goals

With decades of previous experience in NGOs and international institutions, our strategy and campaign experts speak your lingo, understand your challenges, and handle complex issues carefully. We know what works when it comes to driving change.
  • SDG 1


    Many of Blossom’s cause-related projects aim to reduce poverty, such as the International Labour Organization’s “Accelerator Lab 8.7”, which advocates for properly paid labor contracts and good conditions for fishermen in Asia and Africa, as well as the Global Partnership for Education’s drive to invest in primary education for girls, a proven strategy in reducing poverty and improving infant and child health.

  • SDG 2

    Zero Hunger

    In 2021, we supported CGIAR, the world’s largest research network for food security and agriculture, in developing a resource mobilization strategy and writing a case for investment. Blossom also helped UNCCD, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, find its voice and promote the message that protecting land is essential to preventing drought and hunger.

  • SDG 3

    Good Health & Well–Being

    Since 2008, we have been working with the World Health Organization on dozens of health-related reports and campaigns, from its 2014-2016 Progress Report on noncommunicable diseases
to communication strategies for several of WHO’s initiatives and campaigns. Blossom created the visual identity for UNITAID and a brand identity for the new Pandemic Fund. We also
developed a replenishment campaign for CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations), as well as supported fundraising or written investment cases for WHO, UNITAID, and the Global Fund.

  • SDG 4

    Quality Education

    When the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) decided to align its brand with a more ambitious approach to transforming education systems in developing countries, it asked Blossom to re-envision its brand strategy and visual identity. For UNESCO, Blossom produced two policy-driving reports on the pandemic’s impact on global education, getting them in front of key decision-makers at the 2020 Global Education Meeting.

  • SDG 5

    Gender Equality

    Blossom has worked with UN Women on a range of different projects, including the report design for the United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality, the development of a visual identity for the UN Trust’s annual publication on how to end violence against women, and collaboration on multi-partnership projects such as “Women in Law Enforcement” with Interpol and UNODC. Additionally, Blossom designed UNDP’s Gender Strategy and UNICEF’s Gender Policy and Action Plan aimed at guiding the organizations’ approach to gender equality.

  • SDG 6

    Clean Water and Sanitation

    In 2020, Blossom was hired to design the State of Sanitation Report – a joint publication by UNICEF and WHO. The project’s success prompted UNICEF to ask Blossom to develop the graphic design for subsequent publications: the “State of the World’s Hand Hygiene” in 2021; and the “State of the World’s Drinking Water” in 2022. Blossom also created an in-depth character design and animation to depict the first international protocol on water and health for UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe). Furthermore, Blossom helped write and design the Sanitation and Hygiene Fund’s first investment case and organize its global launch.

  • SDG 7

    Affordable and Clean Energy

    From designing publications such as “Energy Markets in Latin America: Emerging Disruptions and the Next Frontier” for the World Bank, to visually representing the need for Africa’s equitable energy transition in diverse Foresight Africa Reports for the Brookings Institution, Blossom has supported a number of UN agencies as well as foundations like the Olof Palme International Center, in visually conveying the urgency of granting access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

  • SDG 8

    Decent Work and Economic Growth

    For the International Labour Organization (ILO), Blossom explored the theme of decent work through projects such as “Youth at Work, Youth at Risk?” for which we crafted engaging digital storytelling to depict the challenges faced by young workers. Blossom also provided strategic advice on outreach tactics for the 10th anniversary of ILO’s domestic worker convention and supported its “Accelerator Lab 8.7” by highlighting innovative approaches to preventing forced and child labor in Asia and Africa’s fishing industry.

  • SDG 9

    Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure

    Blossom developed a replenishment campaign for CEPI – the world’s leading vaccine developer for new and unknown viruses – for its US$3.5 billion plan to end pandemics. UN Global Pulse, the Secretary-General’s Innovation Lab dedicated to supporting and advancing the work of the UN, chose Blossom to help build the foundation of its renewed digital presence and strategic creative framework.

  • SDG 10

    Reduced Inequalities

    Our work with UNHCR on reducing inequality focused on two campaigns: the #IBelong campaign – “no longer stateless, no longer invisible” – a multi-subject campaign supporting UNHCR in its global goal to end statelessness by 2024; and a short documentary film for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) – in partnership with UNICEF, UNHCR, Save The Children and other organizations – to tie the achievements of the Regional Development and Protection Programme in North Africa funded by the European Commission to reducing inequality throughout Europe and North Africa.

  • SDG 11

    Sustainable Cities and Communities

    Blossom has designed products such as “The Power of Cities: Tackling Noncommunicable Diseases and Road Traffic Injuries” for WHO in addition to communication outreach promoting UNAIDS “Fast Track Cities Programme.” In 2021, we developed the Decade of Healthy Ageing campaign for WHO, creating a brand identity and strategy to communicate ageing in a non-stereotypical way. For WHO’s European Environment and Health Process (EHP), we also conceived “Futurable”, a campaign concept to bolster EHP’s work in the WHO European Region. Finally, we designed the 2019 Rural Development Report for IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development), showcasing its activities to create opportunities for rural youth.

  • SDG 12

    Responsible Consumption and Production

    Blossom supported UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) in crafting its brand identity, social media strategy and communication assets for the first Global Youth Tourism Summit – a global event held in Sorrento, Italy, in 2022 where international leaders, celebrities and ambassadors discussed the future of sustainable tourism with youth. Blossom also supported UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) in developing a broad array of communication products tackling the link between sustainable consumption, production and waste with climate change, such as the report “Climate Change in the Fashion Industry”.

  • SDG 13

    Climate Action

    As the main creative service provider for UNFCCC, Blossom has designed event materials (including for COP26 and COP27), dozens of reports and brochures, as well as websites and animation. In 2020, the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT) asked Blossom to revise its corporate branding. We also developed a communication strategy, investment case and campaign videos for the Green Climate Fund’s last replenishment campaign. To advocate for the role of SMEs in fighting climate change, Blossom created a brand identity for the European Investment Fund’s campaign “Players of Change.” In addition, we revamped the Global Climate Change Alliance + corporate identity.

  • SDG 14

Life Below Water

    Since 2019, Blossom has provided UNFCCC with creative branding, design and digital design services. Under the framework of this collaboration, Blossom has designed publications for the Nairobi Work Programme in addition to policy briefs on the ocean and brochures focused on adaptation and mitigation actions to increase coastal resilience, just to mention a few.

  • SDG 15

    Life On Land

    Blossom was asked to revise the corporate branding strategy and core messaging of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification. Blossom also assisted in developing UNCCD’s communication strategy, held media training workshops for UNCCD leadership, and provided ideas for its private sector initiatives.

  • SDG 16

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

    For UNHCR we developed the #IBelong campaign – “no longer stateless, no longer invisible” – a multi-subject campaign supporting UNHCR in its global goal to end statelessness by 2024. When the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) decided to reaffirm its commitment to confronting violent extremism with its first replenishment campaign, we advised them on the best structure and strategy for resource mobilization, supporting GCERF every step of the way. Currently, we are assisting the UN Department of Global Communications in the production of a video centered on the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

  • SDG 17

    Partnership For the Goals

    In close collaboration with UN Volunteers, we assisted in planning, promoting and reporting on the activities of the 2022 International Day of Volunteering. At present, we are working with the UN Department of Global Communications to revise the visual identity of select SDGs for events and digital communications.

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You aren’t Nike or Apple. But even if you’re fighting for a cause rather than selling a product, brand matters. Blossom helps organizations dig deep to uncover who they really are and aspire to become. Then we sharpen your purpose, define your values, and bring your voice to life.

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We help you rise above the noise. Blossom provides omnichannel media strategies and PR support designed to reach your target audiences, wherever or whoever they may be. From high-level policymakers to social influencers, heads of state to civilians in remote areas of developing countries, we get your message where you need it and help you transform it into awareness, engagement and action.

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Since the time people gathered fireside, storytelling has moved and inspired us. At Blossom, advocacy starts with a poignant, relatable story and transforms into campaigns with clear goals. Our orchestra of instruments - media exposure, marketing techniques, champions, and direct outreach – connect with those who can make change happen and compel them to act.

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Charity is outdated. Today, “donors” and “recipients” have been replaced by “investors,” “partners” and “positive impact.” Blossom knows how to build a compelling case for investment and can help your organization mobilize public and private sector resources and devise new financing strategies. We have partnered with clients like the World Bank – The Global Partnership for Education, CEPI, CGIAR, GCERF, the Green Climate Fund and Unitaid, weaving strategy and ingenious creative concepts into successful fundraising campaigns.

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Sometimes you need fresh eyes and an outside perspective to help you see the best path forward. Blossom guides organizations in structuring their teams to fit their purpose. We help you think through the challenges ahead, build capacity, set goals and draw up a strategy to reach them. The end result: a more resilient, effective, sharper version of you.
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