The values in Blossom form the foundation of our culture and, consequently, our behaviors.

To enable Blossom to identify any risks and prevent potential harm to our company and our employees, partners, and collaborating entities, we provide a dedicated channel in this section to report any illicit behaviors that could be detrimental to the company, public interest, or the integrity of public administration.

The internal reporting channel allows for written or oral communication through the '@Whistleblowing' platform accessible below:


For more details on the violations that can be reported through this channel, as well as the management procedures for the channel and reports, please refer to the attached documents.

All reports are handled with absolute discretion and confidentiality in compliance with relevant regulations.

Please note that this channel is not available for commercial complaints or for disputes and personal requests related to individual employment relationships.

Privacy Policy
DECRETO LEGISLATIVO 10 marzo 2023, n. 24

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